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InStudents is a social enterprise that helps international students unlock their potential. From helping you find an accommodation to getting your first job, we are here to help you at every step. Join our growing community and other InStudents.

Get the best UK experience as an International Student

Exciting News! InStudents is launching an exclusive cohort program to help international students secure their first job in the UK. Our cohort offers personalized guidance, industry connections, and valuable resources. And, guess what? It is absolutely free! 

InStudents Cohorts

Through personalized guidance, valuable industry connections, and a nurturing community, we aim to empower graduates as they embark on their professional paths. Our dedicated WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups are brimming with valuable resources and job listings.

Help after graduation

InStudents is your reliable support system during the crucial initial days of your journey in the UK. We provide essential resources and guidance to help you acclimate to the new environment seamlessly. Benefit from our personalized orientation, local insights, and connections with fellow international students.

Acclimatising to the UK

Our services are FREE! We do not charge students.

About us

At InStudents, we understand the unique challenges faced by international students studying in the UK. Founded by former international students, we bring a personal touch to our services, providing tailored support, resources, and a vibrant community. Our mission is to empower you with the guidance and connections you need to navigate your journey with confidence and make the most of your time in the UK. Join us, and let's embark on this transformative experience together.

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The PathFinder Project

The PathFinder Project, a transformative initiative by InStudents, is dedicated to supporting international students in the UK beyond just securing their first job. We understand the challenges and emotional toll of job searching, and we aim to create a nurturing environment.


Through personalized guidance, industry connections, and a supportive community, we help combat loneliness, imposter syndrome, and other obstacles. Our goal is to empower you holistically, preserving your mental well-being and unlocking your full potential.


Please note that we are not a substitute for the Careers services offered by your university, but rather a complement to them. Our mission is to work alongside your university's support system, enhancing your experience and ensuring you have the best possible resources to thrive in your professional pursuits. Join us on this transformative journey, where success goes hand in hand with well-being.

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The Exchange 3 Centenary Square Birmingham B1 2DR 



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